Spring is all but here, and if you have read any of my previous posts, you know that I love this time of year. We are busy with winter pruning, and we should have that nearly wrapped up in the next week or so. This year, we have a calendar full of great events that we want you to experience with us.

I probably spoiled the surprise with the image I selected for this post, but our first big event of the spring is our first-ever barrel tasting. This is going to be an intimate group with the total number of participants capped at 30. We are going to spend some time walking in the vines [weather-permitting] and talking about all things viticulture, peeking in the winery and talking about the winemaking process, and ending our tour in the barrel room, where we will pull samples from three or four of our unreleased wines and taste them, along with our current releases. When we finish, you will enjoy lunch from our friends at Corner Kitchen Catering. We hope to have you join us.

Next one on the calendar is something painters and aspiring-painters don’t want to miss: Artist workshop with John Mac Kah, hosted 1-3 May at Addison Farms Vineyard. If you know John’s work, you see his talent. If you are unfamiliar, see some of his work. You will receive instruction from John, lunch each day from our friends at Corner Kitchen Catering, and a critique session at the conclusion of the session.

On 9 May, we are doing our second Bud Break Bash. Pre-order your picnic lunch, come on out and enjoy the live music [details soon!], wine tasting, and scenery. We are even planning to launch a new wine that day, our 2013 Five Twenty-Nine, our very first Barbera.

We have lots of other exciting events coming, so take a look, and plan to join us for some great fun.