2012 Gwinn front label

We have label approvals! Well at least, we have federal approval on Orion and Coming Home, but still need to get them submitted to and approved by NCABC. That process is underway. We should have both wines on the shelf, possibly by the first weekend in June, but surely by 8 June, we will see Orion available.

We have a new Twitter account. Be sure to follow @addisonfarms for all of the latest. You can link to the Twitter feed from this page – just click on the Twitter icon. Right now, we are on a 2x per week cycle, so we should not be blowing up your feed.

We are bottling this Saturday, 25 May. I am pretty excited about the wine we are bottling. It is a non-vintage version of our Smokehouse Red. The blend is a faithful interpretation of the original wine. We sold out of the 2010 Smokehouse Red rather quickly. It was gone within about 10 weeks of our first open weekend at the tasting room! This time, we will have ~130 cases [as opposed to 24 of the 2010], so we have a good supply. It is a full-bodied, beautiful deep, rich red wine with a nose of blueberries and a firm structure.

Right now, we have 18 cases of Coming Home in bottle, but we have two more barrels to get in the bottle, giving us a total of ~70 cases. Coming Home 2011 is our first wine from fruit out of the Addison Farms Vineyard. It is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

We were pouring tastings in the tasting room shortly after bottling, and it was well received. We stopped pouring it because we kept having to say ‘no’ when the tasters asked to purchase a bottle! If you have been to Addison Farms and been one of the folks we had to turn away, we invite you to come back in June. If you have not been out to taste our wines, we invite you to make your first visit to Addison Farms!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and we hope to see you out here. Remember, this holiday is about more than hot dogs on the grill and cold beer in the cooler. It is a time that we remember the veterans who serve[d] our country, and by extension, each of us, as they defend[ed] life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thank a veteran this weekend, and take a minute to remember the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I could live free, eating hot dogs and drinking beer. Eddie is a proud Vietnam veteran, and I am the proud son of that veteran. I love you Pa Fris.