Our vineyard family grew by one today with the arrival of a 7 pound, 11 ounce bundle of joy at about 545a. My nephew made his arrival a few days early, but everyone is happy and healthy. As you can imagine, his mama and his papa are both pretty worn out. I suspect they may get some sleep in, oh, six months or so.

In the meantime, we are making some great progress on the tasting room. The walls are painted, about half of the light fixtures are installed, about half of the windows are prepped for stain, and I think the flooring work will start Monday. The changes now are dramatic, and getting us closer and closer to opening day. We have all of the trim work left to install, all of the cabinetry in the tasting room, countertops, and installing the bathroom fixtures. Outside, we have sown grass, but it is yet to make an appearance, and we still need to build our entry walkway, add a few plants, pour the concrete pad for the handicap ramp and get gravel in the parking area.

The Tasting Room, 17 Aug 2012

I hate to wish time away, especially knowing it is such a finite resource. I want to savor these moments, the little victories, like getting the wall sconces hung. Appreciate the time Eddie and I spend working together, building this space. Bask in the efforts of the whole family pitching in to make this happen. We are in exciting times indeed. But I find myself missing the moment, thinking too much about the destination, and not appreciating the journey. So when you hear me say I can’t wait to finish this project, understand that is a true statement… but I am also appreciating the scenery, the memories, and the time we spend together as we rush to completion.