What do you call it? That really is the question. One of our intended regularly-scheduled activities in the Addison Farms Vineyard tasting room is a once-a-month feature of a local craftsman or artist or whatever-feels-right to showcase both the talent of the individual[s] and get our fans and soon-to-be fans [hey, one has to be optimistic, right?] out to our place.

Our first featured artist is the talented custom broom maker, all-around good guy, and self proclaimed ‘CEO and head janitor’ at Friendswood Brooms, Marlow Gates. Marlow will be displaying some of his beautiful, one-of-a-kind brooms at the Addison Farms Vineyard tasting room on Sat 22 Dec, and he will be doing demonstrations of his craft during the day.

But what do we call the featured artist weekend? I titled this blog entry with ‘Art in the Vines’ but that is just a working name. We have not been able to nail down a name that we really like, so we decided to have some fun with it. What would -you- call our featured artist program? Use the ‘contact’ link in the left column and send us an email with your suggestion. The winning suggestion will receive a $25 Addison Farms Vineyard gift card. That is enough for a tasting for two, with enough left over to cover at least most of the cost of one bottle of wine too.

Addison Farms Vineyard Giftcard


  1. You must be 21 or older to enter or win.
  2. No more than one winner. If the same name is suggested by multiple entries, the first one received gets the gift card. If no winning entry is received, the gift card will not be awarded.
  3. By submitting a suggestion, you are explicitly granting us permission to use that suggestion with no claim or restriction on use.
  4. This is my game, and I make and interpret the rules. If that causes concern, simply do not play!