It was just a sinus infection, so saith the doctor. But I have to tell you, the last week or so has been no fun at all. I was sure it was the flu. Aching all over, slight fever, freezing one minute then sweating profusely the next all combined with a massive, hurts-to-open-your-eyes headache. I do not go to the doctor frequently. I subscribe to the philosophy that doctors make you sick. Why would I think that, you ask? Because the only thing you see at the doctor’s office are sick people, ergo the doctor makes you sick!

So this week, I felt lousy enough to visit said sickness factory. I asked Joni, the nurse, if she thought the swab they used to get, uh, material from the nasal mucous membrane would hit my brain. Her response was immediate and confident. “No. [half-second pause] You have to have a brain!” Dianne thought that was a thoughtful, funny, and cheeky comment. Apparently, it amused me too, because I am sharing here.

The sinus infection+ caused me to miss some important stuff at the day job this week. It was our annual sales conference plus annual BD team meetings plus some networking events. The meetings can be long and sometimes even painful, but I have to say that I actually enjoy a couple of days in the office with my work friends. It is usually the only time of year that we are physically in the same location; most of us spend our lives on the road, visiting customers, seeking deeper relationships with our existing partners and building new relationships. Sure, we started using some cool video conferencing technology in the last few months [Radvision, an Avaya product], and so we get to ‘see’ each other more than in the past. But there is something about a remote-based group getting together for real rather than virtually meeting in the vastness of the interwebs.

As for the vineyard/winery/tasting room, I will be in the tasting room this afternoon. The worst has passed, the fever has been gone for two days, and the residual headache can be managed with a bit of o-t-c NSAID. We hope to see you out this way. Stay well, my friends! Being sick is no fun.