This past weekend, we were privileged to be part of one birthday and two bachelorette celebrations. It was so much fun, with all of the excitement of pending nuptials and longevity. Wine connects us. On its own, wine is a celebration of seasons past, and of things to come. Friends come together, enjoy fellowship, and a taste of wine. And we love to be a small part of the celebration.

We hit a milestone of sorts too. We sold out of our first wine. It is exciting, but it is also a bit scary. We only had one barrel of that wine, where most of the rest of our wines are more plentiful.

Another exciting note: We bottled a new wine three weeks ago – our 2011 Coming Home, a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, made from the first fruit from our vineyard. We expect it to be available for purchase in late spring or early summer, pending label approval.

We have debated the name for this wine for months. Commercially, just calling it Addison Farms Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon would likely have better recognition, but we have given all of our wines names [Gwinn, Smokehouse Red, Gratitude]. Who knows if that will be our process forever, but we are not ready to stop just yet. We started with ‘The Way Home’ and it evolved to ‘Coming Home.’ We chose the name because our vineyard began with the Cabernet Sauvignon, and we were coming home to build and care for the vineyard.

Celebrations of all kinds, whether engagement, a birthday, or being back in a place you love, is what connects us as we enjoy the moment, spend time with friends and loved ones, celebrate life’s milestones. Here’s to many years of sharing moments like these with you.