Crush 2012 is in the books. We put the last of the Cabernet Sauvignon in barrel tonight. There is a great feeling of relief that comes with cleaning the last harvest bin for the season. Every year, my paternal grandfather, Reeves Frisbee, would look back at the last of the just-cut tobacco patch and say, “I wish we had a couple more acres.” Every. Single. Time.

It is a funny story now, but at the time, it drove my mother crazy. If you have ever worked tobacco, you know how much work is involved and how hard that work can be. The funny thing about it: I know exactly how he felt. I looked at it tonight and wished we had a couple more tons, a couple more bins, a couple more acres to work through. As exhausted as we are, it feels like we could do more. Eddie says that growing grapes is more work than tobacco ever even imagined being, and yet, I still wish there were a couple more acres.


This afternoon we also won our first restaurant customer. Modesto and Chorizo, both owned by Hector Diaz, ordered the Addison Farms Gwinn and Smokehouse Red. We are very excited to see our wines on the wine list at both properties. Both are in the Grove Arcade, downtown Asheville. Thank you, Chef Diaz, for having our wine on your menu. And thank you Gus for taking the samples in and making the introduction.