Addison Farms Vineyard

North Carolina Wine

Addison Farms is a family owned and operated vineyard, winery, and tasting room. We are located in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, 17 miles northwest of Asheville, NC. Our elevation allows for nearly 360° of mountain views.

Thursdays [1 May - 15 Nov] Noon-5pm
Friday - Saturday: Noon-5pm
Sunday: 1-5pm


Moving In

We have our CO! Today was our first day in the tasting room. We did not see as many of you as perhaps we would have liked, but for the folks that joined us, we appreciate the opportunity to meet you. Thank you, Asheville Brews Cruise - we love being a part of the Romantic Couples tour.

Final inspections were completed Friday, and we now have permanent power on the building. We still have some punch list items to finish, lots of landscaping yet to do, and some decorating, but the basic structure and mechanicals are finished and operational. This morning, Laura and Tommy went to the nursery with Dianne, and together, they picked out the first ornamental plantings. This afternoon, they began the process of planting the beautifying flora... but they ran out of daylight! Thank you LJ and TJ for the work to help us take one step closer to 'finished.' Dianne is going tomorrow to get the Addison Farms Vineyard Christmas tree from our friends at Reeves Christmas Trees. She is -very- excited to decorate our tree.

It is great to be at this point in the project. We have not even thought about starting the work in the basement, our future winery, and I think we are going to take a break for a couple of months before we begin that process. Or maybe not...  

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